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Farley Junior Academy ‘Learning, Growing, Together’

Year 4


Deena - Class Teacher

Henna and Irram - Class Teacher

Sarah and Nicola - Class Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Tali, Lorraine, Jahanara, Saika, Bimla

Year Leader- Sarah 


Things to Remember


(Remember your swimming bags)


Chess Club


Pre teach maths club- Sarah


Timestable club- Henna



Arts and crafts club



Pre teach maths club- Nicola


Grammar club- Irram

Spelling test


Running club



Children should come to school wearing their PE kit on Tuesday's.

Their P.E kit includes:

  • white t- shirt, black/navy jumper, black trousers, black/navy shorts, black trainers.

Please note: Football kits and other coloured sports clothing will not be appropriate.


Reading Books: 

  •  Children must bring their reading book and reading records in every day.
  • Reading records should be signed daily after you listen to your child read.  
  • If children would like to use Reading Plus, they will not read their reading record signed in for these day (this will be monitored by adults).

Curriculum Plans


Below is an overview of Year 4, a mid term plan and a knowledge organiser for Autumn 2. 

Home Learning


This half term's home learning you have been set a range of tasks based on what we will be learning about in the different curriculum subjects. Each task is worth a set amount of points and you need to achieve 15 points to receive a certificate and prize. Your homework is due Tuesday 12th December.





In Maths, Year 4 have been practising and consolidating their knowledge of the times tables ready for the multiplications tables check! We have achieved this through different learning methods such as chanting, interactive games and daily soundchecks. All children try and complete a soundcheck on TTRS everyday. During our maths lesson time, the children have been exploring the relationships between the times tables, for example doubling the 2 times tables gives them the answer for the 4 times table and tripling the 3 times table gives them the factor for the 9 times tables. 



In Year 4, we all have a strong passion for reading. We have tried to make our reading corners exciting and inviting for the children, take a look below! Reading is an essential skill. It supports children to enhance their imagination and creativity as well as supporting the development of key spelling and communication skills. Therefore,  it is an essential part of our curriculum and we prioritise time for children to read daily. They have exposure to high quality texts throughout the year, such as, Street Child, The boy at the back of the class and The Chronicles of Narnia.


This half term, we will be continuing to read 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty. During our reading lessons (Destination Reader), the children will practice a range of key skills including: prediction, inference, summarising, questioning, clarifying, making links and evaluating. Throughout our destination reader sessions, we encourage supportive partner talk and appropriate learning behaviours to ensure children are motivated to learn and share their ideas within a classroom environment which promotes mutual respect. Linked below is the learning behaviours bookmark, that the children use at school daily. We highly recommend using this to guide your conversations about what your child is reading.

Our Reading Corners



Year 4 have been working very hard and have had a brilliant start to the year. They have planned and produced a biography about Martin Luther King to celebrate Black History Month.  The children proofread and edited their writing to improve and ensure that they include features such as: expanded noun phrases, rhetorical questions and fronted adverbials to add detail to their biographies. Year 4 are now exploring the features of a diary entry. Children have spent time writing a diary entry in the role of a Victorian child living in the workhouse. This has been inspired by Jim's life in our Destination Reader book 'Street Child.' Children are attending a trip to Wardown museum where their history of Luton and hat making will be further explored before they write a second diary entry to share how their day went on their trip. 




Take a look at some of our Year group and class displays.